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Health Care Cook Certificate

Program Start: 3 September 2024
Application Deadline: 27 August 2024
Location: Tisdale
Credit Granting Institution: Sask Polytech
Length: 39 Weeks


Cooks in health care are in demand. The Health Care Cook program is designed to prepare cooks for work in health care settings, such as hospitals, long-term care homes, personal care homes, and private care facilities.  You will interact with patients and residents, modifying diets to meet specific texture and nutritional requirements related to medical conditions.  You will combine hands-on cooking skills with online theoretical knowledge to flexibly gain valuable health care cooking experience. 

The Health Care Cook program is an intensive 39-week certificate program offered at our Tisdale Suncrest College campus.

This is a fast-paced program that includes approximately 60% in class theory and 40% hands-on practical skills in a kitchen setting. This program operates during daytime hours, as well as evenings for the hands-on practical component.

The Health Care Cook Certificate is considered as an alternative to the Journeyperson Certification in Saskatchewan Health Authority Cook postings.  Individuals hired with the Health Care Cook Certificate will be fully qualified, and be paid at the same rate of pay as a Journeyperson Cook.

 You will gain experience in:

  • General cooking skills
  • Menu planning
  • Nutrition
  • Special diets
  • Special event planning
  • Communication skills
  • Kitchen operations
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Health care systems

You’ll have the knowledge and skills for a wide variety of jobs in the health care sector, and work in hospitals, long-term care homes, personal care homes and more.


Tuition: $5,385*
Books & Supplies: $1,500*
Student Fees: $100
Health & Dental Plan: $252*
*Note: Tuition, Books and Supplies, Health and Dental amounts are approximate, based on last year's program and may change at anytime.


  • International Tuition: $17,000*  - International students please follow the International application & payment instructions.
  • Criminal Record Check - Admitted students will be required to provide evidence of a Canadian Criminal Record Check prior to entering the work experience component of this program. At the discretion of the employer, a student may be declined access to a work experience placement based on the contents of the Criminal Record Check. The cost of the Criminal Record Check is the student's responsibility. 
  • Please note that the practical (hands-on) experience of the program is scheduled during evening hours and is located at an SHA facility, off campus. Students are required to find their own means of transportation. 

Health Care Cook Certificate includes the following courses

Baking (BAKE105)

You will be introduced to the principles and procedures of preparing various yeast doughs, pastries, quick breads, pies, and pie fillings. You will prepare quick breads, pie fillings, baked and unbaked pies, and assorted cakes and cookies, as well as a variety of bakery products as used in health care settings.


SANT 111(concurrent), SAFE 113(concurrent)

Breakfast Cooking (CKNG152)

You will prepare breakfast and dairy products as used in health care settings. This includes cooking eggs using a variety of methods, preparing omelets, frittatas, pancakes, waffles and French toast, and cooking breakfast meats and potatoes.

Corequisites(s): SAFE 113
Equivalent Course(s): CKNG 119


SANT 111(concurrent), SAFE113 (concurrent)

Cold Foods (CKNG149)

You will prepare hot and cold sandwiches, fruits, salads and salad dressings as used in health care settings.

Equivalent Course(s): CKNG 103

Culture and Diversity (CLTR200)

Your studies will focus on the many dimensions of culture and approaches to promoting inclusion and innovation. You will explore culture in Canadian society as it pertains to Indigenous and immigrant populations. You will also examine the correlation between culture and diversity.

Health Care Operations (HLTH200)

You will examine the unique inner workings of health care facilities and how they operate with focus on Lean concepts, mental health, safety and security, policy and procedure development, and meetings.

Introduction to Cooking in Healthcare (CKNG151)

The course introduces the fundamental principles and methods that are the foundation of cooking in health care settings. You will study the major cooking methods and preliminary seasonings, flavoring, cooking, mise en place, and pre-preparation techniques as used in health care settings. You will learn the principles and procedures for the safe handling of tools and equipment and the principles of safety.

Corequisites(s): SAFE 113
Equivalent Course(s): CKNG 139


SANT 111(concurrent), SAFE113 (concurrent) 

Introduction to Nutrition (NUTR105)

You will be introduced to the principles of human nutrition. Your studies will include how macronutrient intakes affect energy intake and overall health.

Equivalent Course(s): NUTR 180

Kitchen Operations in Health Care Settings (PLAN101)

You will learn the procedures necessary to manage a kitchen in a health care setting. Your studies will include purchasing and inventory functions in a health care setting. You will also study the process of preparing and delivering food services off site (Meals on Wheels) and you will have an opportunity to plan and schedule staff and other functions. You will understand the principles of cook/chill and re-therming foods.

Kitchen Safety (SAFE113)

You will gain an understanding of the procedures related to safety in a professional kitchen. This will include the handling of workplace hazardous materials. You will learn how to prepare foods for customers while avoiding injury to yourself and your colleagues.

Equivalent Course(s): SFTY 111

Meat Preparation (FOOD112)

You will learn cooking and service techniques for meat, poultry, fish, and seafood as used in health care settings. You will use a variety of cooking techniques to prepare meals using these meats.

Equivalent Course(s): FOOD 104



SANT 111(concurrent), SAFE113 (concurrent) 

Menu Development (PLAN179)

You will learn the basic principles of menu planning and standardizing recipes as a tool for maintaining quality, controlling production, and simplifying purchasing. You will also plan various types of menus.

Professionalism in the Food Service Sector (PROF101)

You will learn strategies and skills needed to be successful in today’s job market, as well as develop a resume and apply job search skills relevant to the field of food services and hospitality. You will also explore effective customer service in the food service industry.

Quantity Food Preparation (FOOD111)

You will prepare foods in quantity. You will perform in a safe manner and comply with sanitation legislation as used in health care settings. You will be required to adhere to portion and quality controls for all types of food preparation.

Equivalent Course(s): FOOD 100

Regional and Cultural Foods (FOOD110)

You will learn how to adapt menus to incorporate Indigenous, regional and cultural food practices.

Safe Food Management (SANT 111)

You will learn sanitary food handling techniques that reduce the risk of food poisoning. You will develop management skills and tools to foster a culture of food safety.

Equivalent Course(s): SFTY 111

Short Order Food Production (FOOD102)

You will prepare a variety of meals and food items appropriate for a short order cooking environment. You will integrate a wide range of skills you have learned in previous courses.

Equivalent Course(s): COOK 197

Special Diets 1 (NUTR102)

You will learn about various disease states and their required specialized diets and apply menu modification techniques.


NUTR 105(concurrent)

Special Diets 2 (NUTR103)

Building on the skills you developed in Special Diets 1, you will continue to learn about various disease states and required specialized diets and apply menu modification techniques.


NUTR 102(concurrent), NUTR 105(concurrent)

Special Event Planning (PLAN100)

You will plan special events involving food service suitable for health care settings. This will include a catering function.

Stocks, Soups and Sauce (FOOD114)

You will learn volume cooking and service techniques for soups and sauces. You will create a variety of soups and sauces as used in health care settings.   

Corequisites(s): SAFE 113
Equivalent Course(s): FOOD 106


SANT 111(concurrent), SAFE113 (concurrent) 

Vegetables and Starches (FOOD 113)

You will be exposed to volume cooking and service techniques for potatoes, vegetables, starches and pasta. You will use a variety of cooking techniques to prepare meals using these ingredients.


SANT111 (concurrent), SAFE113 (concurrent) 

Work Experience - Health Care Cook (WORK138)

You will gain experience through on the job training in a healthcare food service facility. You will have the opportunity to observe and participate in the workplace and practice skills you have acquired throughout the HCC program.


BAKE 105(concurrent), CLTR 200(concurrent), CKNG 119(concurrent), CKNG 149(concurrent), CKNG 151(concurrent), FOOD 102(concurrent), FOOD 110(concurrent), FOOD 111(concurrent), FOOD 112(concurrent), FOOD 113(concurrent), FOOD 114(concurrent), HLTH 200(concurrent), NUTR 102(concurrent), NUTR 103(concurrent), NUTR 105(concurrent), PLAN 100(concurrent), PLAN 101(concurrent), PLAN 179(concurrent), PROF 101(concurrent), SAFE 113(concurrent), SANT 111(concurrent)

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