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logoMeet with an Advisor

Our local advisors will help you with career and academic planning.

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logoWelcoming Environment

Students are our priority so we do everything possible to make the learning environment comfortable for everyone.


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logoMake Connections!

Make friendships and connections that will last a lifetime!

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logoUniversity Labs

Get practical experience in university labs.

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logoAdult Basic Education

Prepare for your future by enrolling in the ABE program!

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logoSafety Training

Safety training is included in several trades programs to help better prepare students for employment.

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logoMove Your Career Plan Forward!

Enroll in an Adult Basic Education program to improve your employment and career possibilities!

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logoApply for Scholarships!

Cumberland College awards over $110 000 annually in scholarships and bursaries!  

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logoBusiness Programs

Have a head for business?  Take Office Administration or Business certificates full-time or by distance ed.

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logoHealth Services Careers

Interested in a health career?  Cumberland College offers several programs to prepare you for in-demand jobs.

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logoWelcome to Cumberland College!

Cumberland College is your pathway to success!

Featured Programs
Industrial Mechanics

Industrial Mechanics

Interested in applying for the Industrial Mechanics program that starts in January 2024?   There are still spots available! Please go to our NEW Suncrest College website to apply now:&nbs...
News and Events
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Suncrest College Adds Pair to Board of Governors

Suncrest College is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to its Board of Governors. Dr. Adeyemi Laosebikan ...
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Cumberland College Announces Winners of 2023 Entrance Scholarships Valued at $22,000

[Melfort, Saskatchewan, June 7, 2023] - Cumberland College is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Entrance Scholar...
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Cumberland College Celebrates Farewell to Last Graduating Class in Momentous Ceremony

Melfort, May 31 - The Kerry Vickar Centre in Melfort was alive with nostalgia and excitement as Cumberland College bid farewe...
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Business Students Win Big at Newsask YBEX Competition

Tisdale, SK – The Cumberland College Business students have made their mark at the Newsask Youth Business Excellence Aw...
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Cumberland College Expands Health Programming for 2023

As part of Saskatchewan’s Health Human Resources Action Plan, Cumberland College has been selected to expand their heal...
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Cumberland College Students Awarded $113 730 in Scholarships and Awards

Cumberland College celebrated, recognized, and honoured their students on Friday, as part of their annual scholarships and aw...
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Cumberland College Welcomes Ukrainian Newcomers

Cumberland College has been offering English Language Classes for Newcomers for over 30 years, but 2022 saw an increase in th...
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Cumberland College and Parkland College Move Ahead With Merger

Cumberland College and Parkland College will move forward and merge the two colleges effective July 1, 2023. Approval of the ...
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Improve Your Farm Management Skills with the Agriculture Skills and Knowledge Program

Winter has always been a good time to brush up on farm management skills and start planning for the next growing season. Farm...
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Long Term Staff and Retirees Recognized

In any workplace, it's the people who make the difference, and Cumberland College is no exception! The College is fortuna...
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Cumberland, Great Plains, and Parkland Colleges announce expansion of Saskatchewan Colleges international partnership

In October 2021 an International Recruitment and Admissions partnership, which includes Cumberland, Great Plains,  and P...
Cumberland College - /images/.thumbs/news/Georgina%20Musqua%20.jpg

Georgina Musqua in Recognition of the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Staff and Students at Cumberland College participated in a presentation by Georgina Musqua from the Office of the Treaty Comm...
Cumberland College - /images/.thumbs/news/AcademicCalendar22-23jpg

Academic Calendar 2022-23

Save the dates!  Printable copy of the 2022-23 Academic Calendar. College Closure Dates ...

Upcoming Events

Meet our Students and Alumni!
Nick Carson
  Nick Carson was born and raised in Nipawin with a passion for all things hands on. He would spend his time helping his father work on vehicles in their yard and sleds to race during the...

Click to read Nick's story...
Nick Carson
Industrial Mechanics
Kashtin Moostoos
  "Taking part in this program made me a more active learner, paying closer attention and learning. "
  Kashtin Moostoos recently participated in a short-term work essential and digital literacy training program at Cumberland College.  The program, “Preparing for Work in a Pand...

Click to read Kashtin's story...
Kashtin Moostoos
Preparing for Work in a Pandemic World
Stephanie Wiebe
  "I have never before seen instructors who care so much about their students succeeding in school and in life. "
  Stephanie Weibe was born and raised in Bolivia, South America. Prior to coming to Carrot River, Saskatchewan, she had next to no experience in a Canadian classroom. When Stephanie decid...

Click to read Stephanie's story...
Stephanie Wiebe
Adult Basic Education
Angela Stuart
  "The Support Staff at Cumberland College are amazing!  The Scholarship Program is a huge help! "
  Cumberland College has had the pleasure of having Angela in two of our programs.  Angela graduated from the Adult Basic Education Program in 2013 and then took the Continuing Care ...

Click to read Angela's story...
Angela Stuart
Continuing Care Assistant
Danae  Carson
  "I fell in love with the positive atmosphere and knew I had made the right decision "
  Danae Carson was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan but never liked the city life. She moved to Nipawin at the first chance she got to be closer to the great fishing and recreat...

Click to read Danae 's story...
Danae Carson
Adult Basic Education
Leona Sanderson
  "Being an older student has taught me a lot and showed me a side of myself I never knew was there. "
  As the mother of 4 children, Leona promised herself that when her children were all in school full-time, it would be her turn at education.  As she says, it is never too late to fo...

Click to read Leona's story...
Leona Sanderson
Shawna Schellenberg
  "I started in the Bachelor of Education at Cumberland College in 2017.  I have loved my experience.   "
  Adopted when she was 10 years old, Shawna has used her experiences growing up in a blended family and her travels after high school to help her grow and embrace who she is an individual...

Click to read Shawna's story...
Shawna Schellenberg
Bachelor of Education cohort
Paige Powell
  "The scariest decision of my life was to quit my job and return to school but it's one of the best decisions I've made. "
  Paige graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Regina in December, 2020.  Her entire 4 year program was taken through Cumberland College.  In fact, the ...

Click to read Paige's story...
Paige Powell
Bachelor of Social Work
Katherine  Gramlich
  "Don't write yourself off if there is something you want to try.  Hard work in post-secondary education pays off. "
  Raised in Dauphin, MB but now living in northeast Saskatchewan, Katherine chose the Practical Nurse program at Cumberland College because it was close to home.  After graduating in...

Click to read Katherine 's story...
Katherine Gramlich
Practical Nursing
Sheldyn Moore
  "The primary reason I choose Cumberland College for my education because it was close to my home. I was able to live at home the first year, save money, and not be homesick.  It made for an easier adjustment for me to start post –secondary. "
  Sheldyn graduated from Star City School in June 2017.  In the fall of the same year, he enrolled in the Recreation and Community Development program at Cumberland College in Tisdal...

Click to read Sheldyn's story...
Sheldyn Moore
Recreation and Community Development
Myriam Fortier
  "Stay confident.  Have faith in yourself and stay consistent even when you worry you are failing.  Keep your chin up.  You can do this.   "
  Her work as an Educational Assistant for the North East School Division and Star City Colony inspired Myriam Fortier and instilled in her a love of learning.  She knew she wanted t...

Click to read Myriam's story...
Myriam Fortier
Bachelor of Education cohort
Charity Whitehead
  "Commitment is the best quality to build a foundation for success "
  Charity is originally from Shoal Lake Cree Nation. She credits Cumberland College for helping launch her future. “I chose Cumberland College because it was the first place I achie...

Click to read Charity's story...
Charity Whitehead
Office Administration
Armie Hara
  "Cumberland College helped to boost my self-confidence and learn to accept changes in my life. "
  Armie is originally from the Philippines graduating from high school in 2006.  Armie has always been interested in helping others so decided to enroll in the Continuing Care Assist...

Click to read Armie's story...
Armie Hara
Continuing Care Assistant
Ashley L'Henaff
  "If I could talk to someone thinking about education, I would say that if it is something they want to do or if it is a dream they have, Cumberland College can help you get there.   "
    After her father passed away at a young age, Ashley knew she eventually wanted to pursue a career in healthcare.  However, after graduating from Rosthern High School in 2...

Click to read Ashley's story...
Ashley L'Henaff
Practical Nursing
Mathew Jose  Kelamkunnel
  "I am so glad and proud to be a student of Cumberland. The College gave me excellent training along with world class standard practical experience "
  Mathew is an international student from Vazhakulam, Kerala, which is the Pineapple City of India. He graduated high school in India in 2006 and then went on to become a Registered Nurse...

Click to read Mathew Jose 's story...
Mathew Jose Kelamkunnel
Continuing Care Assistant
Angelique Nawakayas
  "Education is important.  It is never too late to go to school.  Keep going until you reach your dreams.   "
  Angelique, who is from Red Earth Cree Nation and a mother of 5, values education for everyone regardless of their age or background.  As a long-term protection worker for Nechapanu...

Click to read Angelique's story...
Angelique Nawakayas
Youth Care Worker
Dana Lee
  "My time at Cumberland College has helped me become a better version of myself and has helped me to become a more confident woman. "
  Dana graduated from Lamont Senior High School in June 2000. In 2017 Dana was living in Nipawin, SK, and saw that Cumberland College was offering a course in Office Administration course...

Click to read Dana's story...
Dana Lee
Office Administration
Kassie Moisan
  "It may get tough and very difficult and you'll want to give up. DON’T. Keep pushing through and keep on keepin on. You will get through whatever comes your way "
  Kassie Moisan grew up in Tisdale where she attended middle and secondary school. She always knew that she wanted an education, but she always felt like her teachers in high school doubt...

Click to read Kassie's story...
Kassie Moisan
Adult Basic Education
Jenine Burns
  "I like Cumberland College because I felt heard, seen, and kindly respected as an Indigenous woman.  I commend the College staff for creating cultural awareness within the campus.   "
  Jenine Burns considers Red Earth Cree Nation, located within Treaty 5 Territory, as her home town but she graduated from Oskayak High School in Saskatoon in 2014 and is currently living...

Click to read Jenine's story...
Jenine Burns
Youth Care Worker
Kasandra Spurr
  "My advice to current and future students would be to put in the hours and you will achieve success. It’s not going to be easy but there is nothing more rewarding than successfully completing something that challenges you. There will be days when you doubt yourself but remember you deserve to be where you are because you have worked hard to get there. Keep going I am rooting for you all and so are many others "
  Kasandra Spurr has faced many challenges in her life starting at only six weeks old when her father passed away. After her father passed away, she moved around a lot which let her meet ...

Click to read Kasandra's story...
Kasandra Spurr
Business Diploma
Jennifer Delowski
  "The staff were very understanding and encouraged me whenever I doubted myself or needed a push to keep going. "
  Feeling too mature to return to high school but knowing she needed to complete her Grade 12, Jennifer, a member of the Cote First Nation, chose to attend Adult Basic Education at the Hu...

Click to read Jennifer's story...
Jennifer Delowski
Adult Basic Education
Danica Severight
  "No matter how hard things may get, seek help and you shall receive.  Don't give up because there is a rainbow after every rainstorm "
  As a single parent, Danica Severight always knew it was important to complete her high school education and eventually further her training.  In 2014, after giving birth to her dau...

Click to read Danica's story...
Danica Severight
Adult Basic Education
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