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General Awards Program

Thanks to the generous financial support of our donors, Cumberland College is pleased to offer our students the opportunity to apply for General Awards. These awards are based on a wide variety of criteria allowing us to consider factors beyond just academic standing. We strongly encourage  ALL our Technical and University students to apply!  In addition to marks, some examples of criteria include community service, financial need and classoom leadership.  We have awards for full time, part time and mature students as well so don't delay - the application window is open from December 1 to January 15 of each academic year.  Recipients are selected by a committee and successful applicants will be notified mid-February.  

At this time, the annual Scholarship and Awards Ceremony has been suspended due to COVID-19.  Scholarship applications will still be available during the application window as outlined above, and recipients will be notified as indicated above.  

Application Criteria:

Additional Information:

For technical assistance submitting your application, please contact or 306-873-3849

Applications closed January 15th, 2021
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