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General Awards Program

Cumberland College is pleased to announce its General Awards Program with thanks to the generous support of our donors.  These awards have varying criteria and may need additional supporting documentation to be supplied in order to be considered in the selection process.  Applications open December 1 and the deadline to apply for these awards is January 31.  Each spring, February or March, recipients and donors are honored at the College's annual Scholarship Ceremony.

Application Criteria:

These awards are given out based on a variety of criteria.  Students may apply to one or more award category that relates to them.

Entrance Scholarship Recipients: - Current students who were awarded Entrance Scholarships in May of this year are invited to reapply for additional scholarships.  Please submit an application form, your letter of rational and your appropriate transcript for any new scholarships for which you are applying.

Additional Information:

Applications closed January 31st, 2017

Note: You will need Adobe Reader installed to view pdf documents.