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Program Start: 5 September 2017
Credit Granting Institution: U of S
Length: 1 year of 4+ years


To become a medical doctor you must have completed a 4-year (120 credit unit) Baccalaureate (Bachelor's) degree before you can be accepted into the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.  You may take any 120 credit unit degree and, therefore, should pursue a degree in a field in which you are interested.  While prerequisite courses are not mandatory, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete equivalent/similar courses (introductory level Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Statistics, Sociology and Psychology) to ensure readiness for the basic sciences covered in the first two years of the undergraduate medical curriculum and to prepare for the MCAT as well.   


High School Requirements:

  • Grade 12 with:
    • Foundations of Mathematics 30 or Pre-Calculus 30
    • Other subjects depending on the degree you pursue

University Requirements:

  • Saskatchewan residents must have attained a minimum average of 75% over all courses taken to be considered for admission. Courses taken during summer (May to August) will be considered in the average calculation. 
  • Students will also have to sit the MCAT exam.  Note that for individuals who applied for entry in August 2016, a total score percentile  < the 24th percentile in the older MCAT or < the 14th percentile in the current (2015 onwards) MCAT were considered incongruent with the minimum 75% UAA required to apply.  Scores must be obtained in one sitting prior to the application deadline and be current within the last 5 years.  The maximum number of times an applicant may take the MCAT is 5 times.  Registration for the MCAT is online at



You can complete a full first year (30 credit units) of most degrees at Cumberland College.  To complete your degree you must move to the University of Saskatchewan or Regina.  To complete Medical School you must attend a university with a Medical College, such as the University of Saskatchewan.  You must apply, to and be accepted by, the University of Saskatchewan or University of Regina to start your degree at Cumberland College. 

Please see a College Advisor for academic advising to choose the correct courses for you.  It is recommended that you contact a College of Medicine Advisor as well.