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Program Start: 5 September 2017 - In Session
Credit Granting Institution: U of R
Length: 1 or 2 years of 4 years


The University of Regina offers a direct entry four year Bachelor of Kinesiology degree.  The Bachelor of Kinesiology (B.Kin), serves students and the professional community well. Students often complete this degree because they are interested in sport, recreation, fitness, exercise, health and wellness, and/or people with disabilities.

The Bachelor of Kinesiology consists of 120 credit hours of study (or 7 full-time semesters of 5 classes each plus one semester of Fieldwork) in one of the following majors: Human Kinetics, Health Promotion or Gerontology. The core requirements of the B.Kin. consist of Social Psychology of Physical Activity, Growth and Development, Sociology of Physical Activity and Sport, Leadership, Motor Learning, Human Anatomy, Lifestyle and Health, Adapted Physical Activity and Recreation, Human Physiology, Biomechanics, Research Methods and Applied Philosophy in Kinesiology and Health.

The first two years of the B.Kin. may be completed at Cumberland College through a combination of online, televised and face-to-face courses.  Please ensure you see a College Advisor for academic advising to chose the correct courses for your Kinesiology degree.


High School Requirements:

To be eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Kinesiology, you must have completed high school (Secondary Standing-24 credits) with a minimum 70% average in the following classes (or equivalents):

  • English Language Arts A30 or B30*;
  • One of Foundations of Math C30, Pre-calculus 30, Math B30, or Math C30; 
  • One of Biology 30, Chemistry 30 or Physics 30; and
  • One additional approved 30-level elective

*Fransaskois/Immersion students may use one of Français fransaskois A30/B30 or Français immersion in combination with either one of the English Language Arts courses.

Note: Although only one 30-level science is required for admission, students are strongly encouraged to take all three (Chemistry 30, Biology 30 and Physics 30)


Please ensure you see a College Advisor for academic advising to choose the correct courses for your Kinesiology degree.  To complete your degree you must move to the University of Regina.  You must apply to and be accepted by the University of Saskatchewan or University of Regina to start your degree at Cumberland College.


Graduates of this degree program are working in areas of adaptive physical activity services, education, social and physical rehabilitation, fitness training services, health promotion, and gerontology. The B.Kin also serves as an excellent preparatory degree for those interested in pursing post-graduate degree in the health professions (e.g., traditional and alternative medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, etc.).