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First Nations and Métis Advisory Council

The Cumberland College First Nations and Métis Advisory Council is composed of 12-15 members representing First Nations and Métis communities throughout the Cumberland College region.  The Advisory Council is advisory in nature (that is, it has no decision-making authority [this resides, through legislation, with the Cumberland College Board of Directors]) and shall have four primary purposes:

  1. To provide guidance and direction on important college initiatives such as Indigenizing the College and Elders-in-Residence;

  2. to provide feedback to Cumberland College as to how the College is perceived to be serving the communities it serves and how it may better serve these communities;

  3. to encourage dialogue between First Nations and Métis communities about what’s happening within their communities and how Cumberland College can support these initiatives, and;

  4. to allow Cumberland College information (about programs, services, news, etc.) to be distributed (through Advisory Council members) to the community (in this role, Cumberland College First Nations and Métis Advisory Council members will serve as ambassadors for the College).

    The Cumberland College First Nations and Métis Advisory Council is currently chaired by the President of Cumberland College and meets approximately every 2-3 months to discuss issues of mutual importance to Cumberland College and the First Nations and Métis communities it serves.

    Cumberland College First Nation and Métis Advisory Council Members:

Cumberland College believes cross-cultural competencies are important to all students.  In many cases, our students will find themselves working in a cross-cultural context whether it be working with an Indigenous community, working with immigrant communities in other parts of the province or Canada, or working with a global company overseas.  In all these circumstances, cross-cultural competencies are critical.

For this reason, Cumberland College has embarked on a process to provide all students with a greater understanding of Indigenous issues through their training.  The results of this questionnaire will better help Cumberland College to provide these cross-cultural competencies to students.

FNMAC Strategic Planning Student Survey



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