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Alumni Stories

Jocelynne Neapetung
Bachelor of Science
"I enjoy being in a classroom setting. "

Jocelynne is a member of Yellow Quill First Nation and is a mother of three.

For the past 7 ½ years, Jocelynne has been employed as an Educational Assistant at the Yellow Quill school.  She said, “I enjoyed being in the classroom setting and developed a strong passion for teaching so I decided it was time to further my own education.” Her goal is to continue her educational journey all the way to a Master’s degree in Education so she can either be a Principal or work in curriculum development.

Jocelynne started her university career at Cumberland College in September 2015.  She took classes at Tisdale and Melfort Campuses. Her dedication to succeed was evident in her commitment to drive up to two hours, one way, to her classes in Melfort.  Being a full-time mother and student is not an easy task so Jocelynne said the opportunity to take classes close to home without having to relocate her children to a new school was perfect for her and her family. Today Jocelyn is in her third year of university on campus in Saskatoon.  She and her husband Joseph are Peer Mentors in the Aboriginal Achievement Program where they facilitate a weekly group for first year Aboriginal students.

Thank you for beginning your educational journey at Cumberland College and for being an inspiration to our many students who are parents and who have to commute each day from outlaying communities. Your dedication to life-long-learning will take you far.

Jocelynne took University classes while attending Cumberland College.
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