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Production Line Welding

Program Start: 1 March 2018
Application Deadline: 8 December 2017
Location: Melfort
Credit Granting Institution: Sask Polytech
Length: 8 weeks


Production Line Welding is an applied certificate program. It provides the skills needed to perform competently in a high volume, high deposition welding production environment.

Upon successfully completing WELD 115 (Gas Metal Arc Welding), you will be eligible to receive credit for WELD 105 (Gas Metal Arc Welding) in the Welding certificate program (offered at Saskatchewan Polytechnic campuses – Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw and Prince Albert)

Graduates may find employment in a shop, on an assembly line or at a construction site in the areas of manufacturing, transportation, distribution and logistics, or food and natural resources.



Program class hours will be 2:00pm-7:00pm, Monday to Friday

This program is considered Provincial Training Allowance (PTA) eligible.

Provincial Training Allowance (PTA)

The Provincial Training Allowance (PTA) provides income and program cost assistance to low-income adult students enrolled in full-time eligible workforce development or skills training programs. Individuals are only eligible to apply for PTA after being accepted in an approved training program.

Production Line Welding Applied Certificate includes the following courses

Blueprint Interpretation (PRNT 114)

You will develop your ability to read and interpret basic welding and fabricating drawings. The course covers the basic elements of a blueprint, weld symbols, joint types, structural shapes, developing a bill of material and using the Imperial and metric systems of measurement.

Cutting Processes (WELD 114)

You will acquire skill in using freehand and guided methods for cutting mild steel. The freehand method is used to make straight cuts in 14 gauge and to make straight cuts, bevelled cuts and holes in plate. The guided method is used to do straight cuts, bevelled cuts and cut circles from plate. You will also be introduced to plasma arc and air carbon arc cutting.

Gas Metal Arc Welding (WELD 115)

You will be introduced to the gas metal arc welding process that is most commonly called MIG welding. The course content includes setting and adjusting welding equipment for MIG welding of steel and/or aluminum, and selecting the mode of metal transfer, the size and type of filler wire and the type of shielding gas to be used. You will learn how to make MIG fillet welds in the flat, vertical, horizontal and overhead positions.

Heat Treatment of Metals (METL 114)

You will become familiar with the physical and chemical properties of commonly used metals in the welding trade. You will study the effect of the heating and cooling cycle involved in welding operations (with particular attention to the heat-affected zone). You will also review the use of heat to correct distortion and to change the physical properties of metals, and the classification system for identifying metal.

Trade Safety (SFTY 114)

You will learn safe working practices and study regulations related to the trade.