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Food and Beverage Service

Program Start: 8 January 2018
Application Deadline: 8 December 2017
Location: Melfort
Credit Granting Institution: Sask Polytech
Length: 12 weeks


Well-trained, knowledgeable food and beverage professionals are always in demand. Popular local restaurants, hotels, casinos and convention centres compete with five-star resorts and international chains for the best talent.

Food and Beverage Service is a 12-week applied certificate offered full time during weekday afternoons/evenings at Cumberland College in Melfort.  Program class hours will be 2:00pm-7:00pm.  The program’s five courses cover fundamental knowledge and skills. You’ll get hands-on practical skills in:

  • bar management and mixology
  • customer service skills
  • food and beverage service
  • food safety and WHMIS

As a Food and Beverage Service graduate, you’ll have the entry level skills you need to work as a server, bartender or host/hostess in restaurants, hotels, convention centres, resorts and more.

Interested in a Management Career?
Use your Saskatchewan Polytechnic Food and Beverage Service applied certificate as a stepping stone into the Hotel and Restaurant Management diploma. It’s a great way to expand career options and earning power.



Program class hours will be 2:00-7:00pm, Monday to Friday.

This program is considered Provincial Training Allowance (PTA) eligible.

Provincial Training Allowance (PTA)

The Provincial Training Allowance (PTA) provides income and program cost assistance to low-income adult students enrolled in full-time eligible workforce development or skills training programs. Individuals are only eligible to apply for PTA after being accepted in an approved training program.

Food and Beverage Service Applied Certificate includes the following courses

Applied Restaurant Service (FOOD 192)

You will develop your practical food service skills. You will operate a coffee shop and utilize a computerized point-of-sale system.

Prerequisites(s): (FOOD 190 or FOOD 195), SANT 181

Applied Restaurant Service 2 and WHMIS (FOOD 193)

You will gain practical experience in operating a full service formal dining room. During the practical luncheon sessions, you will act in various staff positions and operate a computerized point-of-sale system. You will also learn to apply the basic principles of WHMIS in a food service environment.

Bar Management (BAR 183)

You will acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to produce and serve quality beverages in a responsible manner. You will also learn how to control product costs in a commercial establishment.

Customer Service Skills (PERS 181)

You will develop your skills in providing customer service.

First Aid, Standard and CPR A/AED (FAID)

This course provides basic information about first aid for the lay rescuer. Course content includes prevention

Food Safe Level 1 (SANT 181)

You will learn sanitary food handling techniques that reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Equivalent Course(s): SFTY 111

Fundamentals of Restaurant Service (FOOD 190)

You will develop skills in the procedures used in the service of food and beverage. You will have the opportunity to practice customer relations skills as they apply to a restaurant setting.

Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS)

Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS) is a training program that promotes the responsible service of alcohol in Saskatchewan. Training topics include ways of identifying intoxication, how to handle situations involving minors, effective approaches in discontinuing or refusing the sale or service of alcohol, and facts and figures on legal responsibilities and liabilities.