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Health Care Cook Certificate - part time

Program Start: 4 January 2022 - In Session
Location: Tisdale
Credit Granting Institution: Sask Polytech
Length: 23 weeks


This part-time program is designed for anyone who has experience working as a cook, especially in either a health care or food service industry setting. If you have over 900 hours of ongoing employment in the past three (3) years, you can apply for Prior Learning and Recognition (PLAR) of your time spent working.

If your PLAR hours are approved, you are eligible to take the part-time program where we will focus on the theory-only components of becoming a Health Care Cook, allowing you to receive your Certificate in just 23 weeks.

We have set up the schedule so that you are in class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9am-3:30pm. This will allow you to work, as well as attend school.

If you aren’t able to PLAR your previous work experience, and the part-time program isn’t for you, then you can apply for our full-time program that starts in September 2022.

Cooks in health care are in demand. The Health Care Cook program is designed to prepare cooks for work in health care settings, such as hospitals, long-term care homes, personal care homes and private care facilities.  

As a Health Care Cook, you will interact with patients and residents, modifying diets to meet specific texture and nutritional requirements related to medical conditions.  You will combine hands-on cooking skills with online theoretical knowledge to flexibly gain valuable health care cooking experience.

 You will gain experience in:

  • General cooking skills
  • Menu planning
  • Nutrition
  • Special diets
  • Special event planning
  • Communication skills
  • Kitchen operations
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Health care systems

You’ll have the knowledge and skills for a wide variety of jobs in the health care sector, and work in hospitals, long-term care homes, personal care homes and more.


Tuition: $3,500*
Books & Supplies: $1,000*
Student Fees: $95
*Note: Tuition, Books and Supplies, Health and Dental amounts are approximate, based on last year's program and may change at anytime.

Health Care Cook Certificate - Part time includes the following courses

Culture and Diversity (CLTR200)

Your studies will focus on the many dimensions of culture and approaches to promoting inclusion and innovation. You will explore culture in Canadian society as it pertains to Indigenous and immigrant populations. You will also examine the correlation between culture and diversity.

Health Care Operations (HLTH200)

You will examine the unique inner workings of health care facilities and how they operate with focus on Lean concepts, mental health, safety and security, policy and procedure development, and meetings.

Introduction to Nutrition (NUTR105)

You will be introduced to the principles of human nutrition. Your studies will include how macronutrient intakes affect energy intake and overall health.

Equivalent Course(s): NUTR 180

Kitchen Operations in Health Care Settings (PLAN101)

You will learn the procedures necessary to manage a kitchen in a health care setting. Your studies will include purchasing and inventory functions in a health care setting. You will also study the process of preparing and delivering food services off site (Meals on Wheels) and you will have an opportunity to plan and schedule staff and other functions. You will understand the principles of cook/chill and re-therming foods.

Menu Development (PLAN179)

You will learn the basic principles of menu planning and standardizing recipes as a tool for maintaining quality, controlling production, and simplifying purchasing. You will also plan various types of menus.

Professionalism in the Food Service Sector (PROF101)

You will learn strategies and skills needed to be successful in today’s job market, as well as develop a resume and apply job search skills relevant to the field of food services and hospitality. You will also explore effective customer service in the food service industry.

Regional and Cultural Foods (FOOD110)

You will learn how to adapt menus to incorporate Indigenous, regional and cultural food practices.

Special Diets 1 (NUTR102)

You will learn about various disease states and their required specialized diets and apply menu modification techniques.


NUTR 105(concurrent)

Special Diets 2 (NUTR103)

Building on the skills you developed in Special Diets 1, you will continue to learn about various disease states and required specialized diets and apply menu modification techniques.


NUTR 102(concurrent), NUTR 105(concurrent)

Special Event Planning (PLAN100)

You will plan special events involving food service suitable for health care settings. This will include a catering function.

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