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Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Mamawe – Together We Are Stronger!

Mamawe” is a Cree word that means coming together for a common purpose and common interests.  Through mamawe, Cumberland College recognizes the importance to work in partnership with the Cumberland College First Nations and Métis Advisory Council (FNMAC) and the Indigenous communities the College serves to best meet the needs of students and local communities. Through mamawe, Cumberland College recognizes the entire College region benefits and becomes stronger.


The following Strategic Initiatives were identified through the data analysis of the raw data generated through Cumberland College’s strategic planning consultation process:

Strategic Direction #1: Offer a Signature Staff Experience

Staff (Faculty, Support Staff, and Administrators) at Cumberland College are our greatest resource. Cumberland College staff are well-trained, dedicated to student success, and help to move along the College’s strategic directions.  Cumberland College staff are professionals and they are passionate about the work they do.

As professionals, Cumberland College staff are part of a professional learning community.  As a learning community, Cumberland College is a place where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where employees are continually learning to see the whole together.

Cumberland College is known as a progressive and innovative place to work. Our staff tend to enjoy their work and they enjoy creating opportunities for transformational learning in individuals and within communities.

Cumberland College staff often desire be involved and engaged in College decision- making and activities.  Thus, the College will focus on an organizational model of shared leadership and will provide leadership opportunities for staff in a variety of ways.

Cumberland College is passionate about supporting the health and well-being of our employees, investing in wellness strategies that include increased physical fitness opportunities, empowering staff to take charge of their personal health and wellness, and encouraging them to challenge themselves and focus on personal growth.  We pride ourselves on the prevention of harassment and violence within the workplace. We continually improve our risk management capabilities and lead the college sector in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).  Our goal is simple – ensure Cumberland College is a safe, engaging, and fulfilling place to work.


Strategic Direction #2: Students First – Make a Bold Promise to Students

Cumberland College students take an active, independent role to their postsecondary education and Cumberland continues to establish new ways to gather their feedback.  We will actively use student input to enhance the quality and integrity of their experience throughout their engagement with the College (starting with our strategic planning processes).

Student success and satisfaction lies at the heart of what we do at Cumberland College. We will continue our reflective practice to support and nurture teaching excellence.  We will continue to work directly with students to foster a sense of growth and development and to help them determine what shall be their goals and how success shall be defined within their lives.

We will continue with our extremely successful Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) initiative which has resulted in 100% enrolment in ABE and Technical Programs for the Fall of 2015 and the Fall of 2016 (this was a first for Cumberland College). We will focus our SEM initiative around the retention piece and undertake initiatives to help ensure students become successful in the completion of their programs.


Strategic Direction #3: Drive Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Community Responsiveness

Cumberland College sees itself as an integral part of the communities it serves.  As such, Cumberland College commits to taking an entrepreneurial approach to serving its communities, which means the College will listen and respond to the needs of its communities; it will actively look for opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations; and it will look for unique, innovative, niche ways to better serve its communities.

This Strategic Initiative recognizes that Cumberland College is an active, participating member of the communities it serves and has the potential to make an even greater

contribution.  This contribution recognizes Cumberland College as much more than simply a provider of high-quality educational programs and services.  In addition to this key function, Cumberland College also serves roles in community, social, and economic development, community capacity-building, and Applied Research (among others).  As well, Cumberland College sees itself as a relationship-builder and a facilitator of dialogue and discourse in a respectful manner, always encouraging members and sectors of our community to collaboratively work together.

Cumberland College will identify and define those communities of interest (e.g., Agriculture, beekeeping, mining industry, etc.) with which it interacts. Furthermore, in an entrepreneurial, responsive fashion we will develop and/or deliver new and innovative programs to meet these needs of these communities of interest.


Strategic Direction #4: Leverage Resources to Ensure Smart Stewardship and a Truly Sustainable College

Cumberland College will continually leverage resources to ensure it continues to offer high-quality programming, much-needed services to communities, and smart stewardship of its assets (human and financial).  In so doing, Cumberland College refuses to be defined by its budget limitations and seeks to become a truly sustainable college.

This means the College will continue to seek new resources through partnerships and opportunities – including through fundraising, grant-writing, and scholarships – and will continue to introduce fiscally responsible programs.  Furthermore, the College will develop innovation strategies to invest in research, consultation, and human resources to ensure Cumberland College is served by the most advanced technology possible.


Strategic Direction #5: Lead the Conversation around Inclusion

Cumberland College is strongly recognized by its students and communities to be a welcoming, safe, and inclusive college.  Cumberland College will continue to promote issues of inclusion for all members of its communities.  This means continuing with the College’s Indigenizing the College initiative, understanding issues of inclusion as they relate to other stakeholder groups, including new Canadians and persons with disabilities, and being aware of, and responding to, community needs (both internal and external).

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