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University Updates 2023-24

Dear Cumberland College University Students:

Welcome to the 2023-2024 University year! We are extremely pleased that you have chosen Cumberland College for your academic needs; whether you are beginning or continuing your degree, we are excited that you have chosen us!!!  We are especially excited to continue the transition back to our campuses on a full-time face-to-face basis with the option for blended learning opportunities in many instances.  There is nothing quite like the ”buzz” of busy hallways and classrooms.  Of course, we continue to make staff and student safety a priority, so we encourage anyone on our campuses to do whatever is needed to suit their own needs while we continue to do everything we can to make you feel safe and welcome in all of our facilities. .

Our campuses will usually be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with some extended hours to accommodate course schedules. If you need to access a computer or other resources, or if you need help of any kind, please stop at one of the front desks and ask. One thing has certainly not changed - our commitment to and pride in providing exceptional student support – we are here to help!!!

Please see our website and university timetable for course offerings and schedules, as well as much more information about our college.  Please see our Timetable for course offerings.

University Tutor: If you require tutor support through the universities, please contact us and we can assist in locating and connecting you with an available tutor.

We are planning to host a welcome and orientation evening (more information to follow).  Please join us as we welcome our new students and provide up-to-date information regarding Cumberland College, USask, and URegina!

Students registered as Cumberland College students will continue to have access to the following supports:

If you are still thinking about registering for classes or changing sections, remember, it is important to register in Cumberland sections whenever possible in order to retain Cumberland College student status!

To find Cumberland College classes offered in partnership with the UofR

To find Cumberland College classes offered in partnership with USask

If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the following Cumberland College employees:


Sabrina McNevin
Coordinator, Post-Secondary Education 

Lindsey Moskal
Advisor – Melfort 

Gene Mak
Advisor – Nipawin 

Brandy Wicks
Advisor – Tisdale

Malena Vroom
Chair, Post-Secondary Education

Marie Crozon
Assistant, Post-Secondary Education

Again, thank you for choosing Cumberland College.  We can’t wait to join you on your rewarding, challenging, and enjoyable academic journey.


Malena Vroom

Chair, PSE 


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