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Occupational Health & Safety Certificate

Program Start: 29 August 2022 - In Session
Location: Melfort
Credit Granting Institution: Sask Polytech
Length: 39 weeks


This program is a great fit if you're looking to enter the Occupational Health and Safety profession, are already working in occupational health and safety and want to expand your career opportunities, considering or preparing to write the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) exam or Canadian Registered Safety Technician (CRST) exam or are looking to expand your knowledge.

Explore the career possibilities of the Occupational Health and Safety certificate program. Graduates will have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of industries, advising employers on occupational health and safety issues.

The program provides knowledge relevant to all workplaces in:

  • auditing safety management
  • contractor safety management
  • disability management
  • emergency management
  • ergonomics
  • law and ethics
  • incident investigation
  • industrial hygiene
  • risk management
  • safety management systems

International students are invited to apply to this program.


Tuition: $5,500*
Books & Supplies: $2,700*
Student Fees: $95
Health & Dental Plan: $252*
*Note: Tuition, Books and Supplies, Health and Dental amounts are approximate, based on last year's program and may change at anytime.


International tuition & fees (including books) are $17,000* CAD per year. - International students please follow the International application & payment instructions.


Possible career opportunities include working with the federal, provincial or municipal government, in health care or educational institutions, with oil and gas companies, manufacturers, transportation firms, utilities, trades, construction and safety associations.

Occupational Health and Safety Certificate includes the following courses

Auditing Safety Management (SFTY177)

Your studies will focus on both internal and external audit processes from initial planning through to completion. The course will include an overview of why auditing is necessary. A variety of audit strategies will be examined.  Equivalent Course(s): SFTY 171, SFTY 177CE


LAW 100, SFTY 173, SFTY 175

Contractor Safety Systems (SFTY198)

Your studies will focus on safety systems and their relationship to contractors. Most organizations require contractor services at some point in time, and you will explore how to manage these contractors and sub contractors within your safety management system. Specific topics covered include legislated roles and responsibilities of employers, contractors and supervisors; requirements for a safety management system; and Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) relationship with contractors.    Equivalent Course(s): SFTY 198CE

Disability Management (HLTH187)

You will be introduced to disability management as a key essential component of an occupational health and safety program. Disability management starts at the time of illness or injury and continues until the individual has recovered and returned to work. In this course, you will acquire knowledge and skill to develop and implement a disability management program including Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) claims information and return to work plans.  Equivalent Course(s): HLTH 187CE

Emergency Management (SFTY174)

Your studies will focus on potential workplace emergencies. You will examine the role of stakeholders, legislation, standards and best practices used to develop Emergency Management plans. You will discuss the importance of a proactive approach to Emergency Management and how to address communication and post incident recovery.   Equivalent Course(s): SFTY 174CE


SFTY 173(concurrent)

Ergonomics (HLTH191)

You will focus on the principles of ergonomics to examine the ergonomic factors that impact the human body. You will investigate the relationship between the human body and machines and review basic computer and industrial settings. You will further explore ergonomic programming, training and communication strategies to complete basic ergonomic assessments in your workplace.  Equivalent Course(s): HLTH 191CE

Fatigue Management (HLTH105)

You will gain an understanding of fatigue management concepts and principles through exploration of individual and organizational factors that are linked to increased risk of fatigue. Using practical tools, you will develop a basic fatigue management plan that addresses the effects of fatigue, concepts of sleep science and effective strategies to reduce the risks associated with fatigue. The course explores topics through various online activities such as self-assessments, discussions, and engaging assignments.  Equivalent Course(s): HLTH 105CE

Fire Prevention and Protection (SFTY199)

Your studies will focus on applying current concepts and principles involved the evaluation, control, prevention, reduction and elimination of fire hazards for individuals and the workplace.  Equivalent Course(s): SFTY 199CE

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 1 (HLTH179)

You will be introduced to the principles of industrial hygiene, sometimes referred to as occupational hygiene. You will be prepared to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control workplace hazards. Specific topics include occupational contamination, chemical, biological and radiation hazards.Equivalent Course(s): HLTH 179CE, HLTH 188


LAW 100

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 2 (HLTH189)

Industrial Hygiene is the science dedicated to the prevention of occupational illness or disease. This course builds on HLTH 188 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 1. This course will prepare you to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control noise, thermal and other specific workplace hazards. In addition you will be introduced to respiratory and ventilation methods of control.  Equivalent Course(s): HLTH 189CE


HLTH 179

Incident Investigation (HLTH190)

You will be introduced to incident investigation which is a critical tool in preventing incident reoccurrence and worker injury and illness in the realm of occupational health and safety. You will study incident causation models and the processes to investigate incidents.  Equivalent Course(s): HLTH 190CE  


LAW 100, SFTY 173

Law and Ethics (LAW100)

Your studies will focus on an overview of occupational health and safety systems. You will examine societal and organizational aspects, core principles, essential elements, and a variety of legislation.  Equivalent Course(s): LAW 100CE, SFTY 191

Organizational Behaviour (MGMT191)

Your studies will focus on how to best assist employers and their workers through changes and challenges in the realm of occupational health and safety. You will also focus on improving your personal leadership qualities to assist you in recognizing how principles of organizational behavior and leadership style can be used to capitalize on the strengths and weaknesses in any occupational health and safety management system.  Equivalent Course(s): ADMN 220, MGMT 191CE

Practicum (PRAC189)

You will preceptor with an occupational health and safety professional. This experience will allow you to apply the theory and skills you learned in previous courses in a work environment.  Equivalent Course(s): PRAC 189CE


HLTH 187, HLTH 189, HLTH 190, HLTH 191, HUMR 102, SFTY 175, SFTY 199, SFTY 177(concurrent), SFTY 198(concurrent)

Professional Education and Career Planning (HUMR102)

You will examine both written and verbal interpersonal communication skills and their application in the workplace. Utilizing the principles of adult learning you will focus on the characteristics of adult learners, cultural influences, generational differences and strategies to improve research and development of occupational health and safety concepts.  Equivalent Course(s): BCOM 105, HUMR 102CE

Risk Management (SFTY173)

Hazard identification, risk analysis, and hazard control are cornerstones in a workplace health and safety system. Your studies will focus on these three important elements while developing your critical thinking and problem solving skills.  

Equivalent Course(s): HLTH 180, SFTY 173CE


LAW 100 (concurrent)

Safety Program Management (SFTY175)

You will learn to develop and implement a Safety Management Program. You will have the opportunity to conduct a needs assessment and practice developing and implementing policies, procedures and plans. This will enhance your ability to determine prevention and training strategies.  Equivalent Course(s): HLTH 181, SFTY 175CE


LAW 100, SFTY 173

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