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Professional Development Certificates

Are you looking to enhance your resumé, develop skills relevant to your current position, or pursue new career opportunities?  Our Professional Development Certificates are designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for today’s ever-changing workforce.  The College provides Professional Development offerings from both LERN (LEarning Resources Network) and the University of Regina.

Each certificate is comprised of 3 or 4 courses which are delivered virtually.  You will learn in an interactive, cohort format to gain skills you can apply to your organization.  You will also have access to your knowledgeable instructor throughout the program.

Register today!   No admission requirements.


Note: all Professional Development Certificates are non-credit/non-academic and do not offer course credit at the Universities, Sask Polytech, or other academic institutions.


PLEASE NOTE: Some courses may not be eligible for a T2202A tax slip.  Courses must be a minimum of 10 hours classroom study per week for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks to qualify.
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