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Professional Leadership Certificate

Program Start: 23 January 2023
Application Deadline: 16 January 2023
Location: Online
Credit Granting Institution: U of R


The Professional Leadership Certificate will provide you with increased awareness and understanding of leadership and will enable you to become a more effective, evolved leader.  You will explore the philosophies of a well-rounded leader from a career and personal perspective.

Specialize in Career Development or Personal Development to customize your Certificate to your career direction. Professional Leadership Certificate courses can also be taken as individual professional development seminars to brush up on your know-how or adding new skills to your professional repertoire.

This program has been approved for 98 CPHR CPD hours for courses in the Professional Leadership Certificate.

This is a cohort-based program that includes seven courses that are scheduled bi-weekly in a single semester. Students complete the program as a class from start to finish and MUST COMMIT to all of the dates listed. 

Employer demand for leadership skills has doubled in Saskatchewan over the last three years (EMSI data, 2021).

Course Descriptions

Principles of Effective Leadership (Required) - Jan 23-25 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
You will learn the skills and processes needed to increase leadership effectiveness. You will explore topics such as motivation, leadership style, implementing change, setting and achieving standards and corrective discipline.

Creating Effective Work Groups (Required) - Feb 6-8 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
This course provides participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required for building and maintaining effective work groups/teams. The concept of team and its application to organizational success will be discussed. An examination of inter-relationship between the work to be a accomplished and the people who deliver the work in order to insure organizational effectiveness will be processed. The stages groups go through and role of the leader in each of those roles will be discussed. Participants will have an opportunity to assess their leadership competencies and plan for their development. Finally, participants will be able to experience using general consensus while going through the core steps of the team development process in creating vision, mission statements, and values.

Coaching and Mentoring Employees (Required) - Feb 21-23 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
You will learn how coaching employees, as part of an overall leadership strategy, encourages a supportive and collaborative approach toward high performance, that is more effective than directing or controlling. You will learn the difference between coaching and mentoring, learn a model and principles for effective coaching, and practice putting theory into action through applied activities that account for differences in employees' personality types, work styles, generational differences, cultural diversity and work situations.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Required) - Feb 27-Mar 1 1:30 PM-4:30 PM

You will examine why conflict arises in the workplace, discuss the importance of resolution mechanisms and learn practical tips for managing conflict. You will also learn constructive routes to communication and agreement, consider your own method of dealing with conflict and practice options for communicating more effectively.

Interpersonal Communication (Required) - Apr 3-5 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
In this course you will learn about the role of the supervisor and the appropriate leadership techniques for obtaining cooperation and commitment through the use of effective communication. You will examine communication at its core and develop a practical road map for communicating effectively and efficiently through any conversation and in any situation.

Elective Courses (2 are required)

Authentic Leadership (Elective) - Mar 8-10 8:30 AM-Noon
The overall purpose of this course is to provide participants with an opportunity to understand and improve themselves personally and professionally, in order that they may become more authentic as individuals and leaders, and achieve greater results. The course is self reflective throughout. The following areas will be introduced and processed: what's going on in organizations today; what is leadership; what is authenticity; assessing your four intelligences; clarifying your values; creating a leadership vision statement; how to be credible; establishing your code of ethics as a leader; the importance of influencing others; leadership and power; principled leadership competency assessment; and transferring learning back home.

Leading Change (Elective) - Mar 22-24 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
You will learn the series of phases that a successful change process must go through. You will learn how to get the organization's attention for this needed change, create a vision of what would happen if the change is achieved and identify others with the skills, attitudes and reputations you need for buy-in.

Developing a Personal Leadership Plan (Elective) - Mar 29-31 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
The final piece to personal leadership development and to understand the purpose of your own leadership style is to create the Personal Leadership Development Plan. This plan will help guide you throughout your professional and personal life.

Leading and Motivating Employees (Elective) - Spring/Summer 2023
This course provides participants with core tools and techniques in leading and motivating today's employees in order that they can be effective individually and collectively. Concepts such as the role of the leader in establishing trust relationships, assessing leadership style, establishing personal leadership mission statements, processing various motivational theories and their application to the workplace will all be discussed and processed in this course.

Leading in a Diverse Environment (Elective) - Spring/Summer 2023
You will learn about the various forms of diversity in the workplace including race, ethnicity, gender and multi generational workers. You will understand the rights and responsibilities of your position as a manager and those of your employees. You will explore various skills that will allow you to be empowered to avoid and manage conflicts in the workplace, and to create an inclusive work environment.

Transformational Leadership (Elective) - Spring/Summer 2023
You will learn how transformational leaders focus on 'transforming' others to enhance the motivation, morale and performance of their employees. You will explore how the leader's personality, traits and ability are used to institute change through vision and goals.


  • Seminars to complete: 5 core + 2 elective
  • Number of hours: 7 courses X 14 hours = 98 hours

You will be required to commit to a total of 14 hours of learning including: pre-work, after class work with your group, and on your own.

Tuition: $4,865*
*Note: Tuition, Books and Supplies, Health and Dental amounts are approximate, based on last year's program and may change at anytime.


Funding Opportunities: Our non-credit programs may qualify for the Canada Training Credit and Canada Saskatchewan Job Grant

*GST will be added to the tuition cost.

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