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Responsive Management Microcertificate

Program Start: 11 October 2023
Application Deadline: 4 October 2023
Location: Online
Credit Granting Institution: U of R


Learn to turn any challenge into a pathway for improvement with the right skills, knowledge and mindset.

In the Responsive Management Professional Microcertificate, you will discover how to increase employee productivity and engagement across a dispersed team, expertly lead risk assessment and recovery tactics and develop vital problem-solving, emotional intelligence and stress management skills in yourself and others.

You can take one, two or all three courses because they are standalone. If you complete all three within two years, you will be awarded the Responsive Management Professional Microcertificate. The courses can be taken in any order and there are no pre-requisites.

Who is it for? Anyone looking to:

  • upskill, reskill or build skills
  • gain recognition for a specific skill or skillset
  • obtain industry-recognizable credentials
  • boost their resumé

Course Descriptions

Crisis Management - Oct 11-13 1:30-4:30pm
How do organizations and companies effectively anticipate, plan for, test, respond to and recover from a crisis?  Crises come in many forms — from single events to prolonged exposure.  Fire, flood, heat, cold, tornado, loss of utilities, outbreak, equipment failure, accident and injury are examples.  Effective organizations understand these risks, their likelihood, and develop plans, strategies and tactics that can be refined and tested over time.  Gain a valuable overview along with the applicable methods and knowledge needed to effectively respond to crisis.  Preparation is key.

Resilient Leadership - Nov 29-Dec 1 8:30-11:30am
Resilient leaders know how to best support their organizations through high pressure and difficult circumstances.  They exhibit strength and optimism when addressing crisis, responding to setbacks, or confronting tragedy.  So what does it take to be a resilient leader?  Resilient leaders are able to calmly pivot direction, make solid decisions in unique circumstances, cope with their own stress levels and energize others while using high levels of emotional intelligence.  With the new strategies and skills gained, you will become better at self-leadership and leading others.

Hybrid Workforce Essentials - Dec 6-8 8:30-11:30am
Most organizations have evolved to accommodate a flexible workforce since the pandemic.  With this course, managers as well as employees, will learn new engagement and communications techniques that build trust, strengthen collaboration and enhance productivity.  This course will help anyone managing or working within a virtual or hybrid team environment learn how to maximize the benefits of technology.  They will also be better prepared to achieve organizational goals and benefit from improved well-being.


Number of hours: 14 hours per course x 3 = 42 hours total
Assessment: Participation: 80% attendance of each day
Previous education required: None
Delivery: Remote
Completion timeline: Within two years from the term in which you begin the program.

Tuition: $2,085*
*Note: Tuition, Books and Supplies, Health and Dental amounts are approximate, based on last year's program and may change at anytime.


Funding Opportunities: Our non-credit programs may qualify for the Canada Training Credit and Canada Saskatchewan Job Grant


*GST and PST will be added to the tuition cost.


Note: all Professional Development Certificates are non-credit/non-academic and do not offer course credit at the Universities, Sask Polytech, or other academic institutions.


PLEASE NOTE: This course is not eligible for a T2202A tax slip.  Courses must be a minimum of 10 hours classroom study per week for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks to qualify.

This course is not eligible for International admission.

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