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Continuing Care Assistant


The Continuing Care Assistant certificate program combines hands-on classroom learning with practical clinical experience. You will build knowledge and skills in: addressing individual psychosocial needs, administering personal care, dementia management strategies, gerontology, long-term care philosophy in different settings, promoting independence in a safe environment, working with individuals with different physical and cognitive impairments, and working with people of different cultures. As a continuing care assistant, you’ll work directly with clients in long-term care, home care, assisted living, some areas of acute care, and even in special needs classrooms.  

International students are invited to apply to this program.

Length:  32 weeks        (4 days/week   Tuesday-Friday)


Tuition: $5,400*
International Tuition: $18,000*
Uniforms and Shoes:  $450*
Books & Supplies: $1,500*
Student Fees: $85
Health & Dental Plan: $252*



Programs available:

Continuing Care Assistant - September 2021

Dates: 14 September 2021 to 13 May 2022
Location: Melfort
Delivery: Face to Face

Continuing Care Assistant - September 2022

Dates: 13 September 2022 to 12 May 2023
Location: Melfort
Delivery: Face to Face

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